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Writing Background Stories

Some readers have asked me about some of the minor characters in my novel. When I would start to describe these characters, I discovered more depth to them. For those who have read the novel, I’ve begun writing some back stories about them.

posted: nov 28, 2017; words: 364; readers in past month: 106

Lexi and Moondance

When I wrote Chapter Ten, I had not planned on including the song, Moondance but was inspired to do so when I heard it playing overhead. That led to a major breakthrough for the character, Lexi — and made for a much better chapter and novel.

posted: nov 16, 2017; words: 595; readers in past month: 150

Side Short Story on Twitter

As a fun exercise, I’m writing a related short-story on Twitter — 140 characters per entry. The main character is the old lady who manages the building of Lena and Lexi. It gives her perspective on them, as well as others in their neighborhood.

posted: may 10, 2016; words: 125; readers in past month: 115

Totally Finished!

Today I finished making changes to the novel based on suggestions from my editors. I also made some changes to the psychology of the characters based on some suggestions from a mental health specialist, Amanda Sweeney, who reviewed part of the book.

posted: jan 5, 2016; words: 191; readers in past month: 93

An Alternate Title

Despite marketing information to support the idea of the title of this novel — in fact, the marketing dictated the title and led to writing it — I’m considering others titles.

posted: dec 8, 2015; words: 244; readers in past month: 114

Excerpt from Novel

In case some are curious about my novel, I’ve provided an excerpt from one of the earlier chapters. It will probably be changed by the time it’s published, though. Still, I think it’s a nice sample.

posted: nov 28, 2015; words: 672; readers in past month: 255

Cast of Characters

A few people have asked me about the characters in my new novel, The Loneliness of Lena. So, I’ve written this post describing them. Actually,I’m doing this in three posts, starting with the main characters.

posted: sep 22, 2015; words: 476; readers in past month: 98

A Draft of a Novel

I’m writing this novel by hand in a notebook. It allows me to focus on creativity and not spend too much time editing the text. This post includes a photograph of on the pages from my notebook.

posted: sep 12, 2015; words: 118; readers in past month: 85

Actively Writing

I’m actively writing a new novel, The Loneliness of Lena. I write a few pages every day, between ten and thirty, depending on how much time I have available and how excited I am by what I’m writing.

posted: sep 10, 2015; words: 109; readers in past month: 90

Up to Chapter Three on No Friends Novel

It’s been about two weeks since I started my new novel, but I’m already up to chapter three. Since the start is so sad, it’s been depressing writing it. Soon, though, it will be lighter and more fun to write — and read hopefully.

posted: aug 12, 2015; words: 768; readers in past month: 101