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In Search of Kafka

The Loneliness of Lena

A High-Tech. Comical Thriller about a Computer Programmer who tangles with Homeland Security, Eastern European Hackers, and Starbucks.

The Loneliness of Lena

The Loneliness of Lena

Story of a woman who finds herself alone and feels unloved. She has no friends. She is content with this, but others see things differently for her.

Listed below are reviews of our books which were posted by readers on the web.

Makes you Reflect on Life

reviewer: 404girlmi; publication: amazon; published: oct 5, 2017

When I started this book, I was already imagining how the main character would evolve just from reading the title. However her evolution through the story was more captivating than I expected, and had some surprising and entertaining twists. Arriving at the end I realized how much her development left me thinking about my own, and how life and the people around us can influence us. It seems like a light story but has a deep side to it. Well worth the read!

Truly Life Changing

reviewer: secondstar; publication: amazon; published: nov 30, 2016

This book set off a sequence of events in my personal dealings that I have found to be life changing. After reading the third chapter and greatly identifying with the female lead in the book and her relationship with her mother, I was so moved that it caused me to have a nightmare about not contacting my own estranged mother.

After nine years of little to no contact, I called her after reading this book and found out that she had badly injured herself the day before, my phone call was enough to prompt her to go to the hospital and ended up saving her life from a brain injury. In addition to this miracle, the news of her injury also resulted in her sister in which she also had a strained relationship going to visit her in the hospital and repairing their union. I cannot thank the writer enough for writing such a wonderful and moving story. Without this book I might have lost the opportunity to ever speak to my mother again and repair what was broken. Words cannot convey my appreciation for this book.

A Great Exception

reviewer: anonymous; publication: amazon; published: jun 8, 2016

I am normally skeptical towards male authors choosing to write stories with dominant female characters, however, this one I consider a great exception: nothing in authors style, characters or plot seems forced or too deliberate. Bringing a complex female character to fictional life is tricky enough, bravo to the author not trying to make his characters intentionally “girly”, yet making them vivid and realistic. It takes a great novelist to accomplish just that alone, but I also have to mention that the book leaves a very good impression all in all.

It’s modern, dynamic, with laconic yet colorful language and a storyline that keeps taking unpredictable turns. But still I have to admit, this book reminded me how pleasant and relaxing reading is. You seldom or never get this feeling from modern authors who tend to either grab your attention (and make you look away from your smartphone) by using shocking topics and clustering too many dramatic events in one story or choose uniquely controversial topics or write in overly pretentious style which is supposed to keep you concentrated but in practice only gives you a headache (you are not Tolstoy, admit it).

I loved this book from a slightly sad beginning to an unusual and quite unpredictable end preceded by adventures, good laughs and brilliant thoughts. Characters are really relatable and the novel is called an experience for a reason.

Highly Recommended Read

reviewer: elena milani; publication: amazon; published: jun 1, 2016

I was originally attracted by the name of the book “I Have No Friends”. I expected a story of an introvert finding his way, and was surprised to find a much deeper experience. Excellent read for those who are tired of pretentious style of modern literature. Clean and witty language, great story and unexpected plot twist. I really wish somebody would turn it into a movie!

Thoroughly Enjoyed It

reviewer: anonymous; publication: amazon; published: may 4, 2016

You need to read this. Any woman, or man that has been through a life changing event can relate. Here is a woman who built so many walls around her heart, she didn’t even realize she had any, they had been there for so long. Abandonment, tragedy, and some magic, along with revelations is all in this book. Have you ever been told you were cold, heartless, or beyond reach? But, you swear you were not….this is all here. Finding your way back to who you know yourself to be…I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and while reading, I discovered things about myself.

A Revelation

reviewer: elena kartushina; publication: good reads; published: mar 5, 2016

This book was a sort of revelation to me. By looking at the title, one may think that the story shall be about experience in one of social networks as the amount of friends (or rather lack of them) is associated in the modern reality with activities in the net. Many now write about virtual experience and that is not accidental – as being friends online now also is a form of relations between people nowadays.

Online-friend-topic sounds in the novel but closer to the end of the book. Actually, the story calls to look around and see who your true friend is. To me the story is a perfect combination of psychological narration, skillfully written fiction and modern experience description of a young lady life